When partnering up, this is what I'm looking for: A shared vision of where to go, common values on the way and complementary skills to get there. Please read this as an invitation for lunch so we can find out! Just drop me a mail:


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Workshops and coaching

Positive social dynamics and engaging processes make a group more then the sum of their members. Without them even excellent individuals fail as team. This is why an good coach makes all the difference. I started coaching a group of 10 at ETH week in 2016. It was a really rewarding experience. Since then, I designed short workshops for professionals at the ScienceComm2017 and students at the youth research forum (2017) in Berlin; and I returned to ETH week as design thinking facilitator (pictured). If you plan to have workshop in realm of A.I., neuroscience, system's modelling and policy, please do get in touch with me for an offer!

Panel moderation

It's a mistake to think a moderator's only job is to keep track of the program. There's much more to it! Each event has a key message and an unique character. It's a moderator's job to absorb that character, to understand that message and to transmit it to the audience. A good moderator creates a specific atmosphere with as few words as possible; and embeds the program into a bigger picture. I gained experience, moderating and hosting expert discussions on A.I. topics for over students at several reatch events. Additionally, I've done expert interviews for a more senior audience at ETH's eDays, and I moderated a high profile event at the student project house with ETH's president and rector, including an on stage interview with billionaire businessman Michael Pieper. If you're looking for an engaging moderator with background in AI, neuroscience and related policy questions, get in touch!

Public Speaking

When talking to peers as a scientist it's all about the details. It's often only when stepping out of the ivory tower that we can address the big questions science raises. How does the brain learn (pictured at the Zurich ScienceSlam final in 2017)? Should we replace politicians with algorithms? Will it be possible to upload brains in the future? How do deep fakes work? I love to break complicated matters down (check out this SRF interview about cyborgs) and dwell on what neuroscience and A.I. mean for us. Here's my science-tainment slide deck from my latest talk at CRK's and beautifully curated social events. Contact me if you're looking for a speaker with passion for outreach!